‘Nurturing Individual Excellence’

What it's like to be an artist at Excalibur

"I think art is a 10 out of 10 because we get to express how we feel through art”

"It's a fun subject where you can use your imagination."

'It's great to see the teacher share their ideas too!'

We learn about art so we can get better. We might use in our job when we're older.

Anybody can be an artist!






Year 1



We have been introducing pupils to paper-based 3D art forms. By focusing on techniques like rolling paper tubes, shaping paper strips, and constructing imaginative sculptures, the children have been able to create some bold and beautiful 3D sculptures. Children developed their skills  to enhance their understanding of form and construction. Their final piece was a collaborative project basd around flowers to link with their Science topic.3D sculptures.jpg


Year 2


Year 3


Year 4


Year 5


Year 6


Extra Curricular Activities


Art Club

Art Club (1).jpeg Art Club (2).jpeg

















Year 4 

Today year 4 have completed their painting topic with an art composition. We first of all had to place and arrange different objects for the perfect Birds Eye view. After, the children had to then sketch their composition and complete it by painting it this afternoon.

Y4 ART.jpeg

Year 2 - December 23

In Year Two we’ve been working on our observational drawings. The children brought in their favourite teddies and focussed on drawing the texture of the fur. 

Y2 Drawings.jpg

Year 2 - November 23

YEAR 2 Charcoal.jpg


Year 2 - October 23

Collecting patterns from Tudor houses and designingand creating a Tudor inspired tile in clay.


Clay tile 1.JPGClay tile 2.JPGTudor design 2.JPGTudor design.JPG
















Year 4 - October 23

Year 4 art Autumn 23 - Matisse.jpg


Year 4 have been working together to create collaborative prints. All of their prints had to fit together like a jigsaw to create a final piece.

Year 4 art Autumn 23 - collaborative prints.jpg


Year 1 and 2 Art Club - Autumn 23

Art club Y1 and 2 Autumn 23

Art club Y1 and 2 Autumn 23 -2(1).jpg

Year 1 - October 2023

Y1 Art(1).jpeg



Y2 Pots.jpg

September 2023

Year two have started their new art unit on 3D sculpture. We are learning how to mould and shape clay and used a variety of tools to create patterns. clay year2.png

Y1 Art (1).jpeg  Y1 Art (2).jpeg






















We have been working hard on our half and half self portraits. One half was filled with drawings of our facial features, while the other half was filled with things we love.


Year 2 Self Portraits.jpg

Year 3 Self Portraits.jpg

Year 4

Year 4 Self Portraits.jpg


Year 6 Self Portraits.jpg


Year 2 - June 2023

Using our patterned and brightly coloured maps from an earlier session as inspiration, we chose a design and transferred it into a print. 

Y2 Art June.jpg

Year 4 - May 2023

Over the past two weeks, Year 4 have been creating their own batik fabrics. We have based these on the rainforest oil pastel artwork we completed. 

Y4 Fabrics (1).jpeg Y4 Fabrics (2).jpeg

Year 2 - May 2023

In Year 2 Art this term we are learning different crafts. This week was all about wet felting - a process where you make a piece of felted fabric from wool fibres. Ours were based on images from our interpretations of a local map of Alsager. 

Y2 Art 2.jpg Y2 Art.jpg Y2 Art 3.jpg










Year 1 - April 2023

Y1 Art.jpeg Y1 Art 1.jpeg

Year 5 - April 2023

Year 5's art topic was 'Retro-futuristic' art.   We applied a collagraph print to create a background texture then used various techniques to develop our overall piece.  

Y5 Art.JPG Y5 Art 1.JPG

Reception - April 2023

Reception Artwork.jpeg

Year 2 - April 2023

As we start a new unit of work, we have been looking at maps for inspiration along with the work of Susan Stockwell who creates art pieces and instillations from maps, toilet paper, computer components and even money! 

We started to create our own map art work based on a map showing the journey from Excalibur to Alsager Library. 

Year 2 Art.jpg Year 2 Art 1.jpg Year 2 Art 2.jpg Year 2 Art 3.jpg 

Year 6 - April 2023

Year 6 worked really hard replicating chiaroscuro, the Italian term which means light and dark. We used Mayan calendar symbols that we felt represented our personalities.

Art Y6.jpeg

Year 3 - March 2023

Year 3 loved getting messy with their last art project! We created Stone Age artwork using a range of natural materials.

Art Y3.jpeg

Year 1 - March 2023

Art mixing greens.JPG

Year 2 - February 2023

Year 2 finished their art unit on painting and mixed media by creating a space themed collage. They found or created all the different materials they used in their final pieces.

Y2 Art Space.jpeg

Year 4 - March 2023

Year 4 celebrated World Book Day reading 'If all the world were...' by Joseph Coelho.  They created a seasonal poem of their choice and then painted their chosen season using watercolour as a background for their poems. 

Year 4 World Book Day 2023.jpg

Year 3- March 2023

aRT 2(1).png

Year 3 had lots of fun celebrating World Book Day by painting characters onto potatoes. 

Year 6 - March 2023

Year 6 have experimented in art, creating tools using natural materials found outside to create patterns inspired by works of the Mayan civilization.

Year1 art.JPG


 Twig Twisting - February 2023



                 Twig Twisting 2.jpg Twig Twisting 1.jpg











Art around School - Autumn 22Portraits - Year 4 - September 22


y4 portraits(1).jpgy4 portraits 3(1).jpgy4 portraits 2(2).jpgy4 portraits 1(1).jpg

Photography - Year 6 - September 2022

Year 6 photography 1.JPGYear 6 photography 2.JPGYear 6 photography 3.JPGYear 6 photography.JPG

Exploring Clay - Year 2 - September 2022

clay 5(1).jpgClay9(1).jpgClay2(1).jpgClay8(1).jpg

African Silhouette - Year 6 - November 2021

Year 6 have spent the last few weeks creating their traditional African silhouette masterpieces. They analysed other artwork before choosing the type of silhouettes they wanted to design.

 African.jpg    African2.jpg    African3.jpg


Picasso Potraits - Year 4 - October 2021

On Friday afternoon in year 4 we have created our own Picasso portrait! The children experimented with a funny face shape and where to put their eyes and noses. Then the children drew out their face more realistic and painted it. Lots of fun getting messy!



David Hockney - Year 2 - September 2021

Year 2 have been looking at the work of David Hockney. We have looked at the patterns he uses in his landscapes, experimented with contrasting colours that he uses and created our own colourful landscapes. 

Y2(1).jpgY2  Hockney.jpg







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