‘Nurturing Individual Excellence’

What it's like to be an artist at Excalibur

"I think art is a 10 out of 10 because we get to express how we feel through art”

"It's a fun subject where you can use your imagination."

'It's great to see the teacher share their ideas too!'

We learn about art so we can get better. We might use in our job when we're older.

Anybody can be an artist!



Preschool FS1

In pre-school, the children have enjoyed applying paint with thick and thin brushes.  They have explored dabbing, splashing, mixing and stroking the paint onto the page.  Pre-school have also explored printing paint using different objects.  What super creative work, pre-school!

preschool summer 24 - 3.JPGpreschool summer 24 - 2.JPGpreschool summer 24 -1.JPG

mini beast 1.JPGmini beast 2.JPG

watercolour 1.JPGwatercolour 2.JPGwatercolour 3.JPG

Reception FS2


Year 1

We have been introducing pupils to paper-based 3D art forms. By focusing on techniques like rolling paper tubes, shaping paper strips, and constructing imaginative sculptures, the children have been able to create some bold and beautiful 3D sculptures. Children developed their skills  to enhance their understanding of form and construction. Their final piece was a collaborative project basd around flowers to link with their Science topic.3D sculptures.jpg


Year 2

The year 2 unit, Colour Splash was all about improving the children's colour knowledge through colour mixing. They looked all around the school environment to collect textures and recreate them using their colour knowledge and a wide variety of tools.  Through planning and creating a collage, they applied their knowledge about colour and which tools worked best to create their desired effct.

                                                                       collecting texture and pattern 2.jpg


                                                                      texture and pattern 2.jpgtexture and pattern 4.jpgtexture and pattern 3.jpg


Year 3

3D art.jpg

Year 4


Year 5

Y4 Spring 1.JPGY4 Spring.JPG

Year 6

Through their painting and mixed media unit, Year 6 analysed work by a variety of artists including Richard Brakenburg, David Hockney, John Singer Sargent, Fiona Rae and Lubaina Himid. They looked at how art can portray strong messages and emotions.  Taking inspiration from these artists, the children planned, developed and created their own work conveying a message that was important to them.

                                              Year 6 art 2.jpg

Year 6 art 4.jpg Year 6 art 5.jpg

Year 6 art.jpg


Extra Curricular Activities

Cartoon Academy with Mark Wilcox


Cartoon Academy June 24.jpgCartoon Academy June 24 2.jpg


Twig Twisting - with Sarah Hayes

                                                                   Twig Twisting 2.jpg Twig Twisting 1.jpg




A snapshot of our Art Curriculum






Art around School - Autumn 22
















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