Year 1

We had a great time testing materials to see if they were waterproof. This helped us work out if they would be suitable to be used to make an umbrella.

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Year 2

Year 3

Year 3 had lots of fun learning about how soil is formed. We also learnt about how important worms are in soil & even found some outside. It was very muddy! 















Year 4

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Year 5

Year 6

Year 6 were treated with a virtual visit from research scientist Sophie Tomkinson, who works at Queen's University Belfast looking at cancer treatments. The children found out about her job and had the opportunity to ask questions.

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Year 6 have started their next science topic on electricity by recapping their learning from Year 4. They constructed their own circuits and considered what happened to the brightness of a bulb or volume of a buzzer when additional batteries were added.

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Year 1 were challenged with making and labelling a plant using different materials from around the classroom.

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Y2 - May 2023

As part of our science work on Living Things and their Habitats, Year 2 have been investigating micro-habitats on the school grounds. We found a wide variety of creatures and then put out data onto a pictogram.

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Y1 - April 2023

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Y4 - April 2023

Year 4 have been learning about sound waves and how sound travels. We used a tuning fork to show the vibrations when sounds are made.

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Y2 - March 2023

We investigated two different habitats - streams and ponds. We investigated the differences in the creatures that lived there. Then we discussed why this may be. 

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As part of Science week Year 2 experimented with magnets. We used them to make moving pictures and measured how far magnetic would jump.

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Y6 - March 2023

Science Week in Year 6

During science week, Year 6 researched about the impact of plastic pollution on our oceans. As part of a competition organised by Alsager School, the children then designed and created a piece of work to help with the campaign to reduce litter in the oceans. Ideas ranged from songs to poetry, posters and inventions. Year 6 did a great job at presenting their findings in a variety of ways.

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 Y5 - March 2023

Y5 British science week (3).JPG Y5 British science week (2).JPG

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Y1 - March 2023

Year 1 celebrated British Science Week by investigating which materials were magnetic. Some children even noticed that some sides of the magnet attracted each other and the others repelled!

British Science Week.jpeg


Y4 - March 2023

On Tuesday, we had a lot of fun in year 4 learning how to turn a solid into a liquid. We conducted an investigation to find out the best temperature to turn chocolate into a liquid.

Science Y4.jpg

Y1 - March 2023


Y4 - March 2023

Today year 4 have been investigating gases and whether gases weigh anything. We also spoke about what makes our fizzy drinks 'fizz' and conducted an experiment to see how much they weight flat compared to fizzy.

Science Experiment - Investigating Gases.JPG


Y1 - March 2023

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Y2 - March 2023

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Year 3 - February 2023 


Year 3 had lots of fun throughout their Animals including humans topic. We completed investigations, sang songs and even had a visit from Boney Jones the skeleton. 

Y6 - December 2022 

After learning about the anatomy of the heart, Year 6 children dissected lambs' hearts in order to increase their understanding of the organ's structure. During the dissections, they learnt how to safely cut through the tissue. In particular, they looked at the difference in thickness between the left and right sides of the heart and they traced the blood vessels, including the aorta from the ventricles. They also learnt how muscle and fat look different on the heart.

Y6 Hearts 1.JPG Y6 Hearts 2.JPG

Y6 Hearts 3.JPG Y6 Hearts 4.JPG

Y6 Hearts.JPG


Year 2 - Sound - June 2022

Year Two have had a science day looking at Sound. 

We learnt how sound is made, how it travels and how we can change pitch. 

Y2 Science.jpg


Heart Dissections - January 2022

Following their learning about the anatomy of the heart, Year 6 took part in a heart dissection to secure their understanding and explore the structure using a real lamb's heart. Many thanks to Mrs. Jackson-Moss, biology teacher from Congleton High School, who led the session and demonstrated the skills needed for the dissection.

Heart 1.JPG Heart 2.JPG

Heart 3.JPG Heart.JPG

Year 6 - Osmosis and Diffusion Investigations - January 2022

Year 6 demonstrated the wonders of osmosis by submerging soft sweets into water and leaving them for several days. As you can see, the results were quite remarkable! They also learnt about diffusion through observing how food colouring spread from skittles.

Science y6.JPG Science y6 2.JPG

Year 4 - November 2021

Year 4 have been observing what different drinks do to teeth by looking at how egg shells change over time when submerged in different liquids.

Y4 Science.jpgY4 Science 1.jpg

Year 1 Great Science Share - June 2021

Year 1 had a great time this week investigating colour. After trying out a few colour-themed experiments, they posed scientific questions and thought about lots of other things they'd like to investigate.

Science Y1.png

Great Science Share Live Event with Professor Brian Cox - June 2021

As part of the Great Science Share, Year 6 and Year 4 took part in a live science event hosted by Professor Brian Cox where a host of scientific questions were answered.

Year 6 Zoo2U Workshop - May 2021

To recap their prior learning on adaptations, habitat and classification, Zoo2U visited Year 6 for a practical session where the children got to handle an African snake, a striped skunk and a giant millipede. They were also shown an owl. During the session, they learnt about the adaptations of those animals, including discussion on where they live and how they would be classified and why.